Alternative Heating Solutions

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Southern Maine's source for anthracite, biomass, and wood pellet fuels.

In keeping with our philosophy of only offering alternative energy products of the highest quality, Alternative Heating Solutions sells premium hardwood BioBricks(TM) manufactured by Maritime Dimension Hardwoods Inc. in Woodstock, New Brunswick.

Maritime Dimension Hardwoods is a family owned business that specializes in custom milled hardwood products for export to the United States and Europe.

The BioBricks(TM) are a biomass fuel made only from hardwood sawdust and waste wood generated by their daily milling operations. No glues, waxes, or chemical additives are used in the process of manufacturing BioBricks(TM). The finished product is a densified wood brick that out performs traditional cordwood in all aspects.

One pallet ready for delivery.

Easy to handle 12 brick packages.