Alternative Heating Solutions

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Southern Maine's source for anthracite, biomass, and wood pellet fuels.

In keeping with our philosophy of only offering the finest alternative energy products, Alternative Heating Solutions only sells anthracite coal produced by the Blaschak Coal Corporation. Blaschak Coal Corp. is a family owned business with an excellent environmental track record and over 70 years in the mining industry. 

At over 12000 BTUs per pound, anthracite coal provides the highest energy potential for a home heating fuel. While anthracite is a fossil fuel, it is an extremely clean burning fuel and should not be confused with the lower grades of coal used in the generation of electricity. Anthracite is so clean burning it is a smokeless fuel, and can be used in areas where burning wood is prohibited due to air pollution regulations.

Anthracite coal is mined in Eastern Pennsylvania , and is typically recovered from previously mined areas. Once an area is re-mined, Federal regulations require the area to be restored to natural conditions.

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